Aerospace Affairs

The New Athenian Department for Aerospace Affairs

The New Athenian Department for Aerospace Affairs is the space program of The Free Nation of New Athens. It was formed on April 5, 2021, and the main objective of the department is to oversee atmospheric and space observations and report on notable events. It also oversees all existing and future national weather stations. There are no plans for rockets or exploratory missions at this time.

Continuous Missions

National Weather Stations

The NADAA has taken over the oversight of all national weather stations of the Free Nation of New Athens.

There is currently one active national weather station. Its data can be found on the New Athens national website at

Rare Interstellar Event Reporting

The NADAA documents and reports on rare interstellar events. This includes but is not limited to meteor showers, rare comets, and rare lunar and solar events.

Meteor Observation

The NADAA monitors and reports on meteor showers. It keeps a calendar of all expected meteor showers each year and provides guides for the best viewing of each.

Tropical Storm Monitoring

The NADAA monitors all tropical storms and reports on tropical storms that are geographically relevant to New Athenian citizens and territories.

Special projects

Satellite Imagery

This project includes the creation of antennas to receive photographic data of Earth from NOAA, GOES, and METEOR-M2 satellites.


League of Independent Nations

The NADAA actively participates in the League of Independent Nations program for the sharing of space and aeronautic research.