The Free Nation of New Athens is a micronation founded on the principles of Liberty, Brotherhood and Solidarity. The sovereign territory of The Free Nation of New Athens consists of four noncontiguous claims across the state of Georgia, USA: four governed provinces, each in Kennesaw, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Norcross, and one unoccupied territory in Peachtree City.


Prior to declaring independence, the would-be citizens were living in Cobb County, Georgia where city ordinances had been passed that allowed the local government to control the living situations of individuals, even on private property. Specifically, Cobb County Ordinance Sec. 134-1, which forces citizens of Cobb County into high cost housing and prevents them from exploring other options. The would-be founders, along with many other citizens of the county saw this as a terrible violation of civil liberties and an overreach of government. As a result, they were forced to explore other options and eventually came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to declare independence. Thus, The Free Nation of New Athens was born.


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The Norcross Province

Norcross, GA

Governed by:
Sir Duke Jacob H

0.32 Acres

The Roswell Province (Capital)

Roswell, GA

Governed by:
King Tyler Mullins

0.3245 Acres

West Pope Island Territory

Peachtree City, GA

Governed by:
Lord Tyler Wilson

0.391 Acres

The Kennesaw Province

Kennesaw, GA

Governed by:
Duke Mason K

0.37 Acres

The Sandy Springs Province

Sandy Springs, GA

Governed by:
King Tyler Mullins

0.03 Acres

Flag and Values

The Free Nation of New Athens has had two national flags. Both national flags depict symbols of the nation's core values. The three core values of The Free Nation of New Athens are Liberty, Brotherhood and Solidarity. The Free Nation of New Athens declared independence and was founded in order to combat and protest laws that the people deemed to be a blatant violation of civil liberties. Liberty is at the core of the values of the nation and forever will be. The founders believe people should have the right to decide how they live and the nation will always fight to protect this belief.

The Original Flag

Designed by our King, The Original Flag was the first national flag. It is no longer the official national flag, but can represent the nation regardless. The Original Flag depicts a cherry red dot in the center, surrounded by a cherry red lambda, on a battleship gray background. The cherry red lambda in the center of the flag represents Liberty. The cherry red dot inside the lambda represents Brotherhood. It is in the center because brotherhood should be at the center of all citizen relationships. The battleship gray background surrounding the lambda represents Solidarity. The symbol of solidarity reminds the citizens to persevere on the path of Liberty even when surrounded by adversity.

The Triangle Flag

The Triangle Flag is the current official national flag and was designed about a month and a half after the nation's founding, when some of the citizens commented that the Original Flag looked boring. It was also designed by our King. It depicts a hollow cherry red equilateral triangle that contains another smaller solid cherry red equilateral triangle. The outside triangle represents Liberty. The interior triangle represents Brotherhood. The line extending from the point of the triangles represents the unity of the provinces. The triangles and line are outlined with silver. The battleship gray sections represent Solidarity. An equilateral triangle was selected as the chief symbol as it is the strongest geometric shape and is a popular vexillological symbol.

Nobility and Knighthood

The Monarchy of the Free Nation of New Athens includes an established hierarchy for titles of nobility and chivalry. Titles are granted on a permanent basis and are only revoked in the case of extreme circumstances, though no titles have ever been revoked.

Knight &

Knighthood is the highest title in New Athens. It can not be purchased and can only be earned through incredible merit.

Duke &

The highest obtainable level of nobility in New Athens, this title is granted to those who provide incredibly outstanding service to New Athens and is also automatically granted to those who govern provinces of New Athens.

Count &

This title is granted to those who serve the nation in some capacity deemed incredibly significant.

Baron &

This title is granted to those who serve the nation in some capacity deemed greater than ordinary.

Lord &

This title is granted to those who serve the nation in some capacity deemed worthy of honor.

Government Structure

The government of The Free Nation of New Athens is a constitutional monarchy. All citizens may attend legislative meetings and maintain full voting powers. All parliamentary proceedings are in keeping with Robert's Rules of Order. All citizens may propose legislation to be discussed, voted on, or both.

King Tyler Mullins

The King reigns within the bounds set forth in The Constitution. The King oversees all government matters, excluding parliament, and has the authority to formally represent The Free Nation of New Athens with plenipotentiary powers. He has power to appoint all government positions, excluding positions within the Monarchy and The Speaker of the People, and manufacture new positions as needed. Citizenship is granted and revoked at the discretion of The King. Along with the Grand Ambassador, the King must sign all binding diplomatic agreements. The King keeps records of all territorial claims. The King oversees the national treasury.

Speaker of the People Gary Pu

The Speaker of the People is elected to preside over parliament as an impartial, non-partisan individual.

Grand Ambassador Duke Tyler Wilson

The Grand Ambassador represents The Free Nation of New Athens with full plenipotentiary powers and may appoint deputy ambassadors to assist them. The Grand Ambassador must sign all binding diplomatic agreements.

Chief Justice Honorable Dylan Ray

The Chief Justice determines the constitutionality of all proposed laws, oversees the Department of Justice, and presides over all legal courts.

Grand General Kenan M

The Grand General oversees all military strategy and the national police force.

Grand Archivist Jackson Pool

The Grand Archivist oversees the preservation of all documents and items of historical significance pertaining to New Athens.

Foreign Policy

The Free Nation of New Athens always welcomes new diplomatic relationships. It is the belief of the founders that through diplomacy, individuals can work together to do more as a collective than they would otherwise be able to do alone. It is a goal of The Free Nation of New Athens to establish as many fruitful relationships as possible with other macronations and micronations for mutual benefit. If you wish to establish communication with The Free Nation of New Athens, you may contact the government via email.

Current Alliances

Adopted Conventions

New Athens shares mutual recognition with many nations and that list is growing every day.

The full, updated list of all nations that recognize the sovereignty of New Athens is located on our page on the micronation wiki under Foreign Policy.